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To have security, plan ahead” (Sicilian proverb).
At all times and in all places there was a great temptation for both casino staff and patrons to commit illegal actions against the wagering establishment. Great amounts of currency are handled within betting houses daily. According to the mentioned above reasons the authorities of both online and land-based casinos are constrained to take measures and acquire casino security instruments that prevent all the cheating attempts.

The Situation with Land-based Casinos: Preventing Any Trickery

The most basic security measures in offline casinos comprise to video viewing. “Eye in the sky” cameras located throughout the casino rooms, near elevators, card tables and in other strategically important places watch every player’s step. There are also special surveillance rooms operated by highly qualified specialists who do their best to define cheating actions or stealing casinos money that may be performed by both casino employees and visitors.
Note: The first betting house that used surveillance cameras at all table gambling games was “The Mirage” casino that was opened in 1989.
Thus updated casino security is commonly divided into the following two groups:

  • Physical security power that patrols the gambling premises and assists at receiving calls as well as reports about suspicious activities or people and criminal situations.
  • Trained surveillance department which observes casino premises on the TV sets with the help of the top quality video viewing systems. The job of the surveillance department is to detect strange players’ and guests’ behavior and report about it.

Both of the mentioned above casino security departments cooperate very closely to reinforce the safety of both visitors and wagering establishment's assets.
In addition to “eye in the sky” cameras and other advanced instruments, security in casinos is also introduced with the help of conduct and behavior rules.
Note: Gamblers who enjoy card games in land-based betting houses are usually asked to keep their hands seeable all the time. In some casinos it is a strict rule.

Online Casinos Efforts

Virtual betting houses also stick heels in doing their best to ensure fair play and attract more visitors from various regions of the Globe. Among the best online security peculiarities one should mention: SSL encryption, firewalls, special protected servers with sensible financial information, cooperation with the leading virtual software manufacturers and banking providers.
Thus it is always essential to check the security of the virtual casino you are going to play at. Good luck!


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